Blocked Drain Mottingham

PostCode Drains clear blocked drains, sinks and toilets in Mottingham and all London areas using rods and high pressure water jetting at no extra cost.

Clearing a blocked drain is best done when the block is noticed as the blockage may flood.

Clearing drain problems including clearing blocked sinks and toilets, unblocking drains and sewers is our core business and we aim to leave you with a clean hygienic drain using an assortment of drainage cleaning equipment such as drain jetters and rods.

We also provide:
  • Emergency drain clearance Mottingham
  • Sewer Drain cleaning
  • High pressure water jetting Mottingham
  • Emergency drain unblocking
  • Clearing block toilets in Mottingham

We are the Blocked Drain Clearance Experts in Mottingham.

High Pressure Drain Water Jetting in Mottingham

Drain water jetters are used to remove the most stubborn blocks in pipes and toilet drains and leave a clean and free-flowing drainage pipe. To unblock a sink or toilet, the drain engineer in Mottingham will use the jet at the minimum pressure required as it is a powerful drain clearance tool and must be used by experienced personnel.

In many cases where drain rods are of no use or cannot be used, the drain jetter is an advanced valuable power tool for drainage problems clearing the toughest grease and grime from any surface. To clear a blocked toilet drain it is unsurpassable but must always be used with care.

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Blocked Drain
Unblocking toilet, sink & bath drains

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